Beware of the Barrenness of Busy Life

Greetings and Great Blessings to you. I just want to take this time to discuss an amazingly helpful ancient quote:

"Beware of the Barrenness of Busy Life!" 

Socrates, who we know to be an Ancient Greek philosopher is quoted saying this and it's such a wise point to make. I even recall statements about business in the bible. I just found a bible reading plan to help one to get a better understanding, and it happens to be titled: Busyness is a Distraction!

A badge of dishonor it seems to many of us, because we say it loud and proud, "I'm busy!"

For someone as busy as myself, I tend to make that statement a lot, and then I look at the end of the day and wonder, 'in all the business, what ws accomplished towards major goals, or projects?' In my field of music, ONE DOES NOT JUST SING AND RAP!  A professional artist spends time in so many different areas from the lessons, or rehearsals, the creation process, the recording, photography, making a video, advertising, brand merchandising and even promo tours, not to mention the tedious admin work. And what if I also have a job? 

Maybe to some I come across like I am throwing folks off, or I am lazy to participate in things that are relevant to me. But maybe we might have a problem prioritizing whats important, or don't know how to say no to family and friends needs, or maybe we take pleasure in packing our schedule. 

I found myself falling behind tremendously on things that maybe important to me, but I chose to commit to helping family or close friends out, not giving myself enough time. 

I don' know about you, but I feel called to reorient myself back to what GOD wants for me, and I may have to offend some people as I learn to prioritize what Madarocka Chi needs to do, mute my phone calls for 8-10 hours during the day, and use social media for business and getting on live! I want to try a new outreach strategy that allows me to connect with more people, spending less time with family and friends during work related hours. 

It is a blessing to have a good morning routine to get your day going smooth and as planned, I learned to ignore my personal phone during 8-10 hours to accomplish my business. Otherwise, people I am close to will call me with all their own items of importance that I just can't afford to get involved in. I have loads of creativity in the works and brand new music and videos to create and release to the world. 

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