Who is Lady Rocka?

Madarocka Chi, Naijamerican Hip Hop Queen

A wildflower born into the era of hip hop, MADAROCKA Chi is a soul-survivor, and a woman of many faces. She is a natural hair guru, MC, DJ, actress, and stylist. Her bold lyrics combined with a sweet, raspy unique voice makes her a hardcore angel that is known for her natural beauty and ability to rock stages worldwide. MADAROCKA is modest and reserved, but when she talks her deep voice leaves the crowd wanting for more.


Madarocka has performed and toured the world with the Grammy winning Hip Hop Jazz group, the Digable Planets and as well performed live for government delegates and International Women Leaders, using spoken word skills advocating for women and children in social change. As a pioneer of Afro culture and Hip Hop, she played a huge role as an innovative and energetic femme MC and promoter. She facilitated and participated in global events, intentional in blending the cultures of Hip Hop and Afro Beat which is the current buzz of the international music industry. Growing up as a teen in USA, her group SOURCE Int’l was ahead of the game, influencing the greats on a global scale. Madarocka and her siblings sparked an early interest in African street culture among the likes of Diddy, Missy Elliot, Jay Z, Lauryn Hill, Rza and Nas. Feeling the desire to offer more to the music world, MADAROCKA added the Chi and decided to focus on her African roots to blend the styles of Hip hop and Afrobeat creating a fusion of the sub-cultures.


A graduate of Theatre Arts from the prominent University of Delaware, a young lady with natural talent and abilities, MADAROCKA CHI has worked on Hollywood sets (Spike Lee Films) as a wardrobe assist.  Growing up with a father, who was a well-known tailor in Washington, DC and her love for Africa lead her to create her own designs and custom pieces.


Poised with the grace and presence of an Ancient African Queen, her feminine presence, fiery flow, confident delivery, and voice combined with the energy of a rock star, she takes over any set. MADAROCKA CHI has done guest performances to bring that female energy for groups like Digable Planets, Da Boot Camp Clik, Fulani Twins, and of course her own group started w/her siblings, SOURCE Int'l Clik. More than a beauty or femme, she is one of the greatest lyricists to grace the hip hop scene since the 90s. MADAROCKA has received many accolades, including Best Male / Female Hip Hop Artist for the (NEA) Nigerian Entertainment Awards started in 2006, and her song Africa Love (inspired by Fela Kuti) was nominated for “Best Song” category the following year.


After performing poetry and a motivational speech to the youth for Nigerian delegates in USA, this young lady was invited to Aso Rock in Abuja. As a motivational speaker and lyricist, MADAROCKA CHI, a.k.a Nmadinaka Chukwu, has performed for Nigerian television programs and co-hosted radio with an empowering message for a better future for the African community.


After touring the world with the Digable Planets and then a long stay in Nigeria, this African Queen took time off from the road to raise her daughter and prepare her for college. Madarocka Chi was inspired to play a bigger role as a mentor to youth in Nigeria and now bases in the motherland. Madarocka Chi was invited by Eedris Abdul Kareem to be a part of the new Jaga Jaga Reloaded project featuring Mr. Raw which sprung about when the song resurfaced during the 2020 End SARS protest which she also partook in with the youth. She decided to create a site to stay connected with her global true fans and share her story and sell personally designed brand merchandise. The BABYROCKA brand is here to stay and will be hosting yearly live festivals to raise funds and awareness for the youth outreach projects, The BABYRocka Project and AHHRM the Youth training program.