The Ides of March No Fear

Happy March 15th! Historically known as a mythical day of misery and doom, for me, it’s my late brother and bestie the Prophet Lo’s birthday, or Atulegwu Amaraegbulem Ahaghotu! A great man who lived each day to free his chi…

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Health Tips From a Friend

A friend sent me this message and I decided to share it with you all reading considering it's tips on maintaining good health. In this health challenging season we can't have enough reminders about things that keep us healthy since…

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BET Awards Performance Opportunity

Hello Beloved! I need your help to be nominated now for the BET Hip-Hop Awards Weekend show. This is one of theirs rare opportunities that allows independent talent to participate in events that will scale their performance opportunities. In order…

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Are You Really Forgiving if You Haven’t Let Go?

Such a question needs to be pondered upon before answering.  On the spiritual growth journey, we learn about the valuable life lessons on forgiveness and holding onto grudges. We open our mouth to forgive others verbally and meditate on forgiveness…

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Welcome to Fall, Happy New Month!

Peace, Love and Light. I just want to take the time out to honor the Most High, our own source of creation.

This is a new month which opens up the fall season in the US and ends the summer…

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Are We Free From the Covid-19 Virus?

It’s been a year and half since this world we know has changed completely in unimaginable ways. I mean, a global pandemic is announced after several people are hospitalized and many die from a virus spreading rapidly through the air…

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The GREAT MC Podcast in the Making!

Hey Angels! It’s been a minute since my last post. I think I been taking this thing too serious. When I write, I tend to go on and on about a topic. Then I say to myself…guess this could have…

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Tapping in To The Supernatural

Hey Fam! 

It's been over a week since my last post. Took some family time and growth time off briefly to plan and create. I have also been learning a new skill to enhance my performances. I will do whatever…

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Self Love, Work Ethics and Consistency is Key

Cardi B the reality TV star became a comedian, actress, and rapper because of her determination, self-love, consistency and impeccable work ethics. Yesss, that's it! At a time when Nikki Minaj was the only recognized female MC because of her…

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Beware of the Barrenness of Busy Life

Greetings and Great Blessings to you. I just want to take this time to discuss an amazingly helpful ancient quote:

"Beware of the Barrenness of Busy Life!" 

Socrates, who we know to be an Ancient Greek philosopher is quoted saying…

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