The Birth of Lady Rocka Live

I had to be real with me. I have been learning from my personal development studies that I can sell anything if I 100% believe in it and have all my focus on the goals. The sky is definitely the limit for any salesman or woman. I finally came to the realization that I am the product I need to have that much faith in. I am still an anomaly after twenty years losing my brother and business partner. I still create great music, Ankara fashion and accessories, great content, and already I am helping people as a mentor and advocate of hip hop and afro beats culture. I just struggled with confidence in myself for so many years, working for others, always celebrating other people who dared to do what I was not doing, and they hadn’t even accomplished the things I had already done as an AHHRM pioneer.  That’s what I call Afrocentric Hip Hop Renaissance Movements. 

When I began to look at my glass as two thirds full rather than a quarter empty, I began to utilize the personal development for my own benefit. Instead of selling someone else dream and product, I had decided to believe in me. And as well to challenge my self to keep learning, improving skills, and working on my goals. I told myself as I learned from my mentor Lisa Nichols, that if the world is ending, what would I want my story to have been? That amazing girl who gave up when it got difficult in the industry because she isn’t a sale out, or focus on the work and gather my community and give them something to support. My Afro beats bro, Seun Kuti says that we have to do the thing that is hard to really become free. 

Lady Rocka Live is my outreach to the world that Madarocka Chi or, to many Lady Rocka of the Digable Planets tours is still alive and ready to rock new music, new fashion statements, new lessons to the youth on self improvement, and on what it takes to have a strong voice and stand out. I am gathering more music videos, content, behind the scenes activities, and pictures to show the movements and keep my community informed. As well I have a crowdfunding page for my lovely donors, I design t-shirts to sell BabyRocka merch, inspirational messages and social justice statements that my Angelic community would be proud to purchase in support of an Indie talent like myself.  I now get to show many supporters that I am still around and I have something solid to offer to my community. 

Please visit and show me some love, Angel!

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