The Ides of March No Fear

Happy March 15th! Historically known as a mythical day of misery and doom, for me, it’s my late brother and bestie the Prophet Lo’s birthday, or Atulegwu Amaraegbulem Ahaghotu! A great man who lived each day to free his chi and send love out to his community! The tragic death of my brother was a real wake up call and a catalyst for awareness to the reality of violence in our black community in US.

Alo was good to the youth and a good son and brother and especially a great Dad to his one daughter with a Mom who was post pardon that has continually suffered from crack addictions. I knew the youth were destined to spiral down into crime and violence if we didn’t use our platforms correctly to curb the violence in our communities. I have been doing my own part to instill love and mentorship in the lives of our youth. People in my industry shunned on me for wanting to be a positive force but I didn’t care. I stayed true to my values and never sold out to become a derogatory image in this industry. I remember being asked by Diddy to be more like Kim and by Nigerian industry leaders to be more like the hood rappers in US.

I always represented myself as a culture queen from the streets raising up my flag of African pride. Now I am becoming a force of energy and inspiration on the journey to be a spiritual guru. I have been a seeker since I was a child always questioning and looking for the true God. We have to remember what we did as children to get closer to our truth. I always cared about the planet, astrology and numbers intrigued me! But the Pastors couldn’t answer my inquiries. Now I am very aware and in tuned and can tell others a lot about themselves and I am usually spot on. I am able to help others navigate their problems and even inspire a new business idea for their personality and experiences.

So that’s what I am working for now. I am expanding my energy with love for my world and human beings on the planet. I am available to consult now as well as to entertain. I am using my platform to raise the vibrations of others and free your chi because in this new world, we can only afford to live in the true essence of our spiritual divine inner being. 
Don’t force the vibes. Free your chi.

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