I am THAT I am! So what’s THAT for you?

I Be Lady

I am that which I wish to become! 

I am the fulfillment of my destiny here on earth! 

I am the victory of light itself! 

I am a commanding presence moving in and conquering everywhere I move! 

I am the victory of life over death! 

I am THAT I AM! 

And that’s just it, Beloved! It is your duty to fill in the space and figure out what THAT is. No one else’s job but you. I backed away from stepping into a platform of speaking and sharing my knowledge as a truth seeker and spiritual being on this planet due to “following others outside of myself” and religious programming, pop culture, respect for authorities, and my elders of my kin folk and community.

Let me feel free to tell you this today: you can choose to listen to whatever you want to but it’s not your job to impress that on anyone. The sooner we figure this out we can be mentally, emotionally and spiritually free. We can let go of self judgement and stereotypes that we not only let others place on us but we place them on ourselves due to this unconscious programming. 

Well I am not being me to offend anyone who does not understand things I have learned and am processing for my own life. I have decided to use my platforms fully for entertainment which is educational and enlightening. I am a work in progress. But what I do know for a fact is that I am very relevant and inspiring and very influential no matter what the social media numbers say. 

It was my choice to be more private in my journey as I was dealing with my own personal growth and spiritual understanding and making decisions to separate from traditional beliefs and unconscious programming. But even that is just ego and a bit of self sabotage. On the spiritual journey a part of it may be overcoming your ego and self sabotaging patterns. This is what we should embrace rather than shy away from. 

The bottom line being you are the key to your greatest destiny. You are the key to becoming THAT wish you wish to become. I encourage you to tap into your higher self by surrendering to your Chi, by taking back your power and seeking inner guidance rather than outer comforts. Put you first and give love back to yourself. That’s how you find your way. I’m my case I discovered that the thing I was feeling I was not good enough for or qualified shall I say, is exactly what I should be doing. And that’s why I am sharing my truths in hopes to spark something uniquely great in you. 

In fact check out my song I Be Lady by visiting the link above. 

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