Happy ThanksGiving and Gratitude Giving Day Worldwide!

Greetings, Beloved!

How are you? I truly hope you’re in great spirits already today!  

These days…some of us may be living in abundance but I am aware there is so much happening around that may be devastating to many. I am always in the spirit of gratitude for the abundance of blessings and opportunity to be among the living. As an MC/DJ and Afro Renaissance Mama, I am a survivor, an overcomer, a researcher and teacher, journeying and becoming a spiritual consultant, focusing in energy healing arts. So, I will be sharing more stories with you soon. It's time you will hear more of this voice of freedom and love to all. Don't Just Follow Me, Free Your Chi! New podcast in the works and I have to join monetizing platforms like Patreon and GoLive for y'all on the regular! Oh Wow! This should be fun! Not only am I entertaining on the mic, but I am known to be a bit of a riot in person. I just got big energy! Please look out for my messages and posts so we can grow this together. So, you get me, I can't do it without you! Although I am going to continue and still I am embracing everyone’s goodwill and support as I aim to further my initiatives.

I intend to heal the world from trauma by entertaining with happiness and great energy! I am starting a radio station in the coming year and live streaming events and more content for YouTube shows. We are bringing conscious and uplifting content and music to heal your energy and free your mind.   

Today, It’s Thanksgiving in America! I just wanted to send you this message to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving and what I wish to call Gratitude Giving since that’s such a powerful way of being thankful. This is the time when everybody is gathering together usually. Some may take holidays to visit family or just take small vacations away. But family can be a challenge around this time of year. But we can try to show up different and get different response rather than trying to control others with your good advice! Focus on gratitude and goals instead of your feelings about what’s going on around. Here are some tips to get through this Holiday period in a great way.  

You’d be surprised how simple it is when you give it to God. I mentioned in a prior blog post about gratitude journaling, and if you have been or even if you start practicing this by now you would realize how grateful you are for your family members, even though you argue or have differences. Then it affects how you react to situations if you are already in a state of forgiveness and empathy. Realize that no one is perfect and you’re right in your own mind and they are right in their own mind. Begin to see things more objectively. Lisa from Matrix Unveiled podcast always talks about seeing things objectively. Each one of us has a different story or means of understanding things but at least it makes us special in our uniqueness. We are all on our own journeys like a spider web!

So in dealing with our loved ones, let’s empathize and let the judgement go. As I point at you 3 fingers point back at me. Just be grateful to be alive to experience this moment. And live in hope for the next moments to be even greater. This is really going to be life changing.

Just try this meditation.  Take few minutes a day. You want to get in a relaxed state, breathe, find your peace or personal heaven within. Focus on a desired outcome and then in your mind act as if what you desire is happening. Then gratitude shows up in your subconscious if you repeat this more and more. This actually leads to actualizing a better understanding of faith. Gratitude is the ultimate state where the body and mind can begin to receive…so it means you are in a state of allowing God. So open your heart…and wonders shall see. I am learning this too and it really does work. More posts and blogs coming soon.  

I wish great blessing and abundance comes your way this new season. Happy Thanksgiving and Gratitude Giving everyone.  

Please remember to click on the link to check out my new IG post. New music, podcast and vlog releasing soon.  More life and More Blessings in 2023!

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