Are You Really Forgiving if You Haven’t Let Go?

Such a question needs to be pondered upon before answering.  On the spiritual growth journey, we learn about the valuable life lessons on forgiveness and holding onto grudges. We open our mouth to forgive others verbally and meditate on forgiveness to those we could never reach from the past or even who passed on. We learn how to say we forgive others and even ourselves but do we really forgive? 

In my forgiveness journey I have forgiven my abusers or friends who disappointed me, and even the family members who violate and cross that borderline time and time again. I have practiced being the bigger person so many times over that I thought I had perfected the craft.  I had a recent situation that proved me wrong and it has been a learning lesson. I blocked a friend out of my life and have run into them and they were always willing and open arms the few times we happened to come into the same space. We have similar friends now and even many I introduced them to. I had not unblocked my old friend and would occasionally see or hear of them through other common friends. There have been no bad stories and things have been going well for them, and as much as they seem even narcissistic to me, still their progress and success is evident. 

I recently got the opportunity to spend quality time with my friend and finally got to express my hurt and felt the empathy and we exchanged a hug.  And then I was able to enjoy a night with my friend and have no harsh feelings or resentment of sharing that space with them. And I was reminded that we are all human and learning ourselves in this human existence. 

I just want to encourage you to figure out anybody who has offended you, and please take the time to meditate on this alone and get clarity. It may be that thing that is blocking your progress. It may be the thing blocking you from moving forward. This is a Spiritual Universe and the key to your success lies in your happiness. I want you to truly be happy so please do your best and let go the pain and hurt. Free yourself today and forgive.

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