Welcome to Fall, Happy New Month!

Peace, Love and Light. I just want to take the time out to honor the Most High, our own source of creation.

This is a new month which opens up the fall season in the US and ends the summer. I don't really like the sound of that because I am a sun lover myself.

However we have to embrace all of nature and love on the Universe for all that is available to us right. You got that right.

I am sending out love and good energy to you at the top of the month when the children are meant to go back to school and traffic is set to go bonkers in major cities. As if it isn't enough for parents to have to be concerned with settling their children back into learning, while still there is so much concern for health with this Covid-19 virus news scares and incident reports. Parents are even deciding in large numbers to home school, and not even take any chances between the choice to be vaccine refusers and just the fact that it's not even a solid solution, and may possibly be a major health risk immediately or in the near future. So much concern.

There is nothing we can not work through. This is the time to resort to our inner joy, peace and strength. 

This is the time to meditate in direct connection with the truth. Remember the news is only part of it and always there is more to be seen and heard. So don't stop there, so your own searching and seeking. Investigate things your being told.

The thing that you most want to do or that class you want to take, this is your season. Make sure to be yourself and take time out for you. 

The amount of lives that have been lost may often be disheartening or heart breaking. Please don't allow this to stop your flow state or cause you to spiral into depression. Instead focus on the best parts of them. Use it as a reminder to live alive. It's not enough to settle and find appreciation in everything in life. 

Gratitude is the attitude and recite your affirmations. 

These are just very practical steps for anyone, regardless of religion or social status, to get aligned with your true self, and find that inner happiness we all seek.  

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