Are We Free From the Covid-19 Virus?

It’s been a year and half since this world we know has changed completely in unimaginable ways. I mean, a global pandemic is announced after several people are hospitalized and many die from a virus spreading rapidly through the air. So many things have changed in the world. So much conspiracy going on. I feel it. But one thing is for sure. The virus is going nowhere and everywhere fast. I would advise you to educate yourself before taking the vaccine and definitely avoid any booster they mentioned. What’s done is done. We need clean air and we need it on the go. 

The Air and Surface Pro (ASP) provides such documented protection verified by certified FDA labs and numerous research institutions. Let's be clear, the Air and Surface Pro (ASP) is not a machine. The ASP uses "ActivePure Technology" and the accompanying research results creates a comfort level that traditional "air filtration machines" can't provide. 

   Did you know that NASA created the ActivePure Technology that maintains a completely sterile environment inside the International Space Station? An FDA compliant lab just discovered that the ActivePure Technology eliminates 99.96% of the airborne SARS CoV2 virus within 3 minutes, which is the COVID 19 illness before it gets in the body. 

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