The GREAT MC Podcast in the Making!

Hey Angels! It’s been a minute since my last post. I think I been taking this thing too serious. When I write, I tend to go on and on about a topic. Then I say to myself…guess this could have been a podcast, cause who has time to read all this?! Yes, if I can’t keep it real with myself then who else can I be real with? These long letters have got to stop! Lol! 

I have been asked my so many over the years to start a podcast or a radio show. Telling stories and sharing ideas and concepts to help others get through in life has always been a natural born talent. I guess that is why I am a song writer. 

I have already learned how to produce myself and edit using DAW software, so I am in a space to produce myself. However with discipline and focus, I will soon have my podcast up and running. This is one of the tasks off my bucket list. To use my skills that I paid for lessons with Recording Connections a while back! I will soon be announcing my new podcast release! I will be discussing the highlights being a Nigerian American, a Pioneer MC and 1st Lady of Naija Hip Hop scene for over 20 years being dual citizen living in both worlds! Stay tuned! 

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