Nigeria Bans Twitter

During last year’s ENDSARS protest in Nigeria, I recall a period when the FG leadership/Buhari, must have threatened to shut down the internet for Nigerians to post on social media. Apparently its illegal to speak your reality or truth if it has to do with a reaction to the FG of the country with a non visible President, and a questionable team at Aso Rock. They need to make way for leaders who studied foreign policy and have experience in producing results in leadership positions. But I am far from the political expert, so what do I know.  

Earlier this week after making a tweet against Igbos, the President of Nigeria gets a tweet of his own deleted from the platform for the nature of the threat. There has been civil unrest in the nation, and two major tribes are opting to succeed and run their own separate countries. In the spirit of Trump, he chooses to tweet ignorant comments, and has been allowing violence against the people by Fulani herdsmen to ruin farms and rape women and pillage homes. When Buhari tweeted that he would deal with Igbos in the way they can understand, he meant violently as if to remind Igbos of the former Biafra Civil War. If anyone knows the history, that was a pure genocide of our people. They not only violently abused innocent women and children but as well they poisoned the waters, starving out the villages and animals to be sure of famish. So now he tweets and gets his tweet removed.  

He took to anger and decide to finally shut down the access of Twitter indefinitely to his country’s citizens. Many professionals like Ruggedman, Darey and Davido and others had tweeted out concerns and inquired from their following outside of Nigeria whether or not their tweets could be viewed.  

Nigerian based twitters are using  the VPN security app and the hashtag #Nigeria to make their twitters be seen worldwide.   

People report, disseminate and gather information from the government. They can’t all buy newspapers, or own TV.  

Professional people use it to share out to their followers, customers, friends and network. 

Musicians tweet their new releases and events or competitions. 

It’s been a form of free speech, or outlet when you can only send a tweet, and not ready to start your own protest or rally.  

Students receive tweets from professors and young folks like to express themselves with a tweet. If your a Nigerian  living out of the country, please share this info and help get the message out to the world.  

Currently, the US condemned Nigeria's move to suspend Twitter in the country. They suggest it’s no form of democracy. The showdown between Twitter and the Nigerian FG follows a broader trend of government intervention in social media from countries like China and Iran.  

Speak up Nigerians. We need referendum! #SoroSoke #endinjustice #imolivesmatter #nigerianlivesmatter #RestructureNigeriaNow #NigeriaTwitterban

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