Civil Unrest in Nigeria

Wow! This has been a historical period for the country of Nigeria since this whole pandemic period! In my opinion the state of the nation was already done with this current federal government in place head by Muhammad Buhari the leader of cows and not people. 
As a disclaimer I am far from the political expert. What I can see is that the country is now in shambles with an amazing man in power who is so brilliant that while his term of office persists there just may be the opportunity for the break up that some people are looking for. 
The issues of the country range from lack of public education systems, failing water systems, oil crisis mishandling, lack of constant light and electricity, and bad roads adding to the question of safety. Stories rising of a group of Fulani herdsmen who have been allowed to run through into the south and pillage the land and rape women. Boko Haram is still a major concern but Buhari tends to call the IPOB terrorists and anyone who speaks against the government. Your not a terrorist for practicing freedom of speech. 
The main concern of the government leaders is how to line their pockets and meanwhile youth in the streets are being harassed by SARS police insisting they are 419 or drug pushers if they have a nice ride or belongings on their person. The recent protest which took place was a clear eye opener and people worldwide even participated. 
Something definitely has to be done in the country to make a change. I wish truly for God to intervene and show us that change. 
For now some want to seperate, like the Oduduwa and IPOB for example. 
What’s your idea? Should Nigeria restructure the government? Should there be referendum to exit Oduduwa and IPOB? 

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