From Collab to Movement Music! Jaga Jaga All Day!


Some of you are aware that I was recently invited to collaborate on the remake a major song. This song shocked the nations over twenty years ago gaining world wide attention and responses due to the nature of it being highly aggressive and political nature.  The song was called Jaga Jaga by Eedris Abdulkareem. He was signed to Kennis Music who promoted it well in to the market at that time. Well received by Nigerians world wide with hope that it would gain the attention necessary ti ignite changes to revive our failing government in Nigeria.   

Almost 25 years later, the populous of the country is regressing with poverty levels increasing. This obviously speaks directly to the current leadership since Nigeria almost started to see a ray of hope from the prior administration. Many regret not supporting Good Luck that time. I still don't know how they lost that election but maybe it was written.

Anyway kudos to Eedris for this level of creativity and craftsmanship to come up with Jaga Jaga Reloaded and taking his stand as always if you research his music and track record.  He seeks messages of reality and truth, like a modern day Fela! This man is hoping for and melodicly bringing songs to chant for a better Nigeria. Eedris is teaching online constantly creating awareness so we all can know whats up, and he does not sugarcoat. I saw a comment about him singing Jaga Jaga all the time. I don’t blame him for the remakes of Jaga Jaga. He also happens to be very creative and a great song producer, with different and current ideas. This man is doing the right thing and always making more music. He is a man on a mission not seeking fame. I know him personally and have worked with Eedris, who is straight forward and strict, but very humble and spiritually led. He is very professional unlike most artists just thinking they some type of God or whatever for people to idolize. He speaks with his fans on the same level and responds often to messages. I am a colleague and now even more of a fan of Eedris than most of these famous celebrities out here.  

'Nuff respect for the constant informative messages! We hail you from our side! I am so tired of our foolish leaders making life hell for everyone in Nigeria accept their own family who they fly abroad. They make it so difficult for some of us who want to reside there from US! Eedris is so inspiring. Thank you for keeping your message so transparent, plain and true! 

May the Almighty God keep Eedris and all of us safe from harm and free to keep on rocking and help our own people to pass through the pains, overcome and win!  I do believe that we shall see better days in the land of our forefathers. And it’s surely the right mood of music for this season of the country’s unrest. 

This new Jaga Jaga Reloaded was a long overdue collaboration featuring yours truly Madarocka Chi and Mr Raw the popular and skilled revolutionary Igbo rapper. I'm looking forward to more work with other great talents. I do this for the culture and for the ability to empower the youth with the gospel truth. By the grace of God I have much more work to do. I am just getting started! 

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