Our Youth Lives Matter!

How can it be?  News flash reports again! A young lady in an urban hood sits in a gas station parking lot with her girlfriend and two small children wearing her mask and staying safe from COVID. That same young lady doesn’t make it home that night when she only took a quick run to the shop. The shop may be the corner store, the Walmart, the Mom And Pops, the GAS Station! Silenced by the inflight of random bullets and slumped over she is rushed to the hospital! Her friend screams and the children in the car begin whaling. Her family is called but she doesn’t make it out the hospital alive. 

Another victim...shot in his head while driving, another female leaving the club after partying, and yet another who gets shot in his backyard while being held by his mother...and he is not even old enough to attend school. 

Unfortunately, this is the common report that we are getting online or they post it in the news. My daughter at 21 is attending friends funerals every other month. This can’t be life. Is this the lit life? Is this the happiness we are seeking by keeping up with the Jones? Are we just okay with losing out youth? 

What can we do to change this mentality that is currently taking over the minds of our young soldiers? And our future Queens are lost today. 

Today we March for injustice from Capitalism and tomorrow we cry for some black on black crime or trajedy still living like 'Boyz In The Hood. A change has got to come and if that means we need to pray for a touch of Grace from Our Heavenly Creature. 

This is just a message to us all that we must continue to do our part in love and respect for life and culture. A Good Samaritan, a Hug or Hello, a Daily Compliment, and even More Smiles. Let’s remember that we al matter. 

Black Lives Matter! 

Our Young Lives Matter! 

You Matter! 

I Matter!

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