Still I Rise

Naija which I know and love, hey have you people disappointed me? Why go so hard in the leadership? Are you all enemies of progress? Why are you not ashamed to write all these lies and publicize false news? There is nothing like leadership, only deceiving ourselves. Only people being helped is the families of these leaders. I am now ashamed to call myself a Nigerian. I grew up in the Diaspora with the Naija pride instilled in me, even when family and others from back home were afraid to admit where they came from, we fought to change this back in the day, naive to the real issues at hand. I now know that pride is just to be from the motherland. And especially being an Igbo from the land of milk and honey. I am ashamed of this nation and the mistreating of its citizens. 

Things have to change or we are all finished. I have always visualized a great nation leading all of Africa. Meanwhile weaker countries are passing us, while everyone knows we are meant to be the best. What about those of us who want to come home to our fathers land and find opportunity. We can’t even use our education and skills developed abroad because it’s not even a home to come to. Our families have to beg us not to travel to Nigeria because of road, no light, no job, and armed robbery. 

Our youth are now victims of a fallen infrastructure. No guarantee of education like public school system. The government fails to pay for proper facilities, where education and training of our children of impoverished families can attend. No guarantee of salaries so the teachers and college professors spend most of the year on strike. Our children are the future and the ones who do make it to graduate college will end up doing a youth service to a country who can’t even promise them a job. People get jobs and don’t get paid for long periods of time. Maybe an engineer becomes a house boy and a math professor becomes a house cook, a doctor is driving taxi. Somebody has to hire them for some pay! Oh what a shameful nation that my ancestors were born into. 

However, the anger, however the dismay, I can not run away! I can not deny my people and just sit down in America any longer. I commit my voice to speak a up. I commit my talents to this global cause. I commit my heart to the youth involved. Oh, indigenous nation, for my people I cry. To speak up is your sin, and you just might be jailed or killed. When will God intervene? When will there be a change?  The American in me has rights and the Nigerian in me doesn’t. So I will just have to take a chance. I just have to take a stand. I will stay quiet no more. The youth is my responsibility. I am a queen mother of our hip hop nation. I am a Princess and youth leader, crowned in my township of Owerri to empower the youth with opportunities and training since their is no hope for most. My calling has always been to be a part of the solution.  Please visit my crowdfunding page to find out how you can do your part and assist me on this lifelong quest.

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