Self Love, Work Ethics and Consistency is Key

Cardi B the reality TV star became a comedian, actress, and rapper because of her determination, self-love, consistency and impeccable work ethics. Yesss, that's it! At a time when Nikki Minaj was the only recognized female MC because of her own ruthless nature in the industry she was in, hoping to annialate any potential next one up in her time. Cardi B cut through all of this because she was hard working and humble and she came at a time when fans were tired of Nikki and her attitude was getting her into trouble!  

I say it again, not the raps so much but her work ethics, ladies.  She kills the game of hardest worker keeping her focus on the true agenda!  I am a fan of this lady's work ethics! Not always the message, although it's fun and fabulous in the club scene, but definitely for the work ethics! I am more into prolific lyrics and social politically conscious pro black hip hop, but this is what the industry pushes. And the fact that she is true to her own beliefs makes Cardi great. You need to be a bit focused on YOUR truth to successfully grow your brand. God bless @Cardi and keep her growing gracefully!   

I remember being in Bad Boy office with my team and my belly was fat. Back then it was taboo for a female MC to be rocking the stages with a belly bump. Sure enough my Adaeze  @_thekingsfirst (21 now) is a product of an energetic determined Hip hop Mama. I wish I could find the footage! on several occasions I would drive from DC to New Jersey in a snow storm with my 6 month old to record music, and we stayed in that studio loft for a week at a time until my work was complete! I was very active and never felt like giving up for one bit. I used to hop fences and jump in the back of cars too! I embraced an active pregnancy and shut up my naysayers too. My baby is oh so awesome! 

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